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Epok Sofa

Overall: W 175 cm or 215 cm / 69” or  85”  H 86 cm / 34”  D 91 cm / 36”

Seat Height: 48 cm / 19"

Seat Depth: 61 cm / 24"

Armrest Width: 20 cm / 8"

Armrest Height: 62 cm / 24.5"

€1,260.00 (Excluding VAT)

A charmer of the past and future

Be reminded of the atmosphere of the 1950’s with the Epok Sofa that offers a hint of mid-century charm blended beautifully with forward-thinking elements.

Deluxe construction

In addition to being an incredibly beautiful item, the Epok Sofa showcases a sturdy construction on its firmly supported legs that guarantees the durability of this piece.

Fabrics galore

With a variety of top quality fabrics to choose from, make your own personal statement with striking bold colors or unique patterns.