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Skov Sectional Sofa

Overall: W 256/ 101”  H 86 cm / 34”  D 152 cm / 60”

Seat Height: 46 cm / 18"

Seat Depth: 61 cm / 24"

Armrest Width: 10 cm / 4"

Armrest Height: 61 cm / 24"

€1,860.00 (Excluding VAT)

Spacious to the max

In addition to being incredibly attractive, the Skov Sectional is so spacious that you will be able to fit a party of people on it. The cushions look so cozy that no one will want to get up from this stylish sofa.

The wood is good

Easy on the eyes, the Skov Senctional is handcrafted to perfection to boast a durable construction. Firmly supported by a strong hardwood base and legs, this is a quality item that will last for many years to come.

Colors galore

Choose from a myriad of vibrant hues to earthy rich tones, all will make a bold statement.