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Lenk Sideboard

Overall (cm): W 186/206  D 53.5  H 70


Inspired by the geometric austerity of the 1950s and the elegance of Italian haute couture, the Lenk Sideboard captures the high quality craftsmanship of our production, along with innovative design. The shade of Sapphire Blue is a mixture of blue, aquamarine and black. Thus, we can understand the reasons of their dynamic, and the result it gives, when combined with the brass elements. In addition, what is impressive about this piece of furniture is the composition of the panels and the metal sheets, which, by being placed next to each other, they give a shape and a structure, so delicate and elegant, that they look like sheets of paper.

Lacquer, metal elements and ceramic (optional). It is also produced in oak veneer.

An original concept by DEBONADEMEO Design Studio