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Shell Chair

Designer: Marco Sousa Santos
Brand: Branca
Year: 2009
Materials: Birch plywood with 4 organic cotton or leather cushions 
Finish: Natural
Dimensions: 70 (L) x 78 (W) x 70 (H) cm

The Shell Chair was born out of the vivid imagination of Marco Sousa Santos for his Lisbon-based brand "Branca". With its wide strokes and cut-away design, this unusual tripod chair offers a safe place to chill with an unexpected cocooning experience to boot. The Branca spirit is alive in this chair, brought to life by ingenious craftsmen who use traditional techniques to skilfully shape the birchwood plywood. Could the Shell Chair be a kind of heavenly, light, relaxation suit? With its soft lines, round and organic, even anatomical geometry, its ovoid shape reminds us of whence we came.