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PR Chair


Dimensions | Weight: 

40W x 49D x 73H | 5,5kg


Alexandre Caldas


The most remarkable Portuguese chair design in the world since 1953, reborn in wood and cork.

The history

The history of this chair goes back to the post-war era, in the late 40s, a time of master craftsmen in which Gonçalo Rodrigues dos Santos founded a small weld shop in Lisbon. Proud of his art and labor, a true all-rounder producing at the time a variety of products such as juice extractors, shoe heels etc. and at a certain point, chairs.

Master Gonçalo Rodrigues dos Santos

The leap towards the chairs production came from his tube bending invention, a machine that he maintained hidden at all times and only on weekends would he perform his lonely tasks in an effort to keep his secret safe. In those days, and according to master Serafim’s testimonies, ergonomics were based on workers' opinions who after every model’s completion were asked to sit down and evaluate its comfort.

Whenever unanimity was achieved, the final model was found and it was then, back in 1953, outside “Café Lisboa” in Avenida da Liberdade. It was in the late 60s when the Gonçalo chair reached its peak. After 1974, the year of the Portuguese revolution and the disappearance of master Gonçalo Rodrigues dos Santos, a new revolution arose, one of plastic and counterfeit.

It is now to us, a new generation of “believers” who have learned from the very best, the responsibility of honoring and continue to add value, material and history to one of the greatest national icons. The eagerness to value such patrimony establishes itself by the hand of Alexandre  Caldas, who at age 15, entered the world of furniture and Soraia Rangel, with a degree in marketing and advertising and completely in love with design. History repeats itself, but this time with a totally different will: to show our chair to the world!