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Park Sleeper Sofa

Μήκος: 226 cm / 89" 

Βάθος: 99 cm / 39" 

Βάθος καθίσματος: 61 cm / 24"

Ύψος καθίσματος: 43 cm / 17"

Ύψος πλάτης: 61 cm / 24"

Ύψος μπράτσου: 48 cm / 19"

Βάρος: 91 kg / 200 lbs


This highly comfortable sofa bed can be used as a sofa when you get a few guests over and can instantly be used as a bed when you need to lie down, relax, read, or watch television. The wide and low armrest provides enough space for you to lie down your head comfortably or simply relax your hands on. With an option to customize it for fillings, fabric, and color, as per your home interiors settings, Park Sleeper Sofa is one of the best deals.